Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a canva account?

You need to sign up for a FREE account in canva when the link takes you to canva to edit the design. It is quick and easy to do and by having a free canva account, you will be able to save your designs in your own account to go back and edit them again and again, which means you can keep producing fresh content on a regular basis.

Do the templates come with images?

We include the images with most of our templates for your personal use. Any images on a template cannot be given to anyone else or used somewhere else. If you have purchased a template, you must use the images on that template only. Any templates with no images will have the image frame there to be able to pop in your own images.

How do I access my template?

Once a purchase is complete, you’ll get instant access to a PDF document that includes a direct link to your Canva template to then edit the design and then download it to your own desktop from there. If you have purchased a wordpress website template, you will get a PDF document with zip files to the template, which has full instructions on how to install the template onto WordPress in your hosting and then instructions on how to edit the template.

Can i use the templates for client work?

No, all our templates are for personal use only. You are not able to redistribute or re-sell the templates in any way. You cannot reproduce or copy the templates and then resell them as your own. You cannot use your templates for any type of client work either. You cannot pull off any elements from the design on a template The templates are licenced for you to purchase and use for your own use.

Do the templates come with instructions?

Yes, every template comes with full step-by-step guides on how to edit the design. Whether it is a canva template of one of our wordpress website templates, you will get an instruction guide with your purchase to help you with every element of editing the design of your template to customize it.

What if i struggle to edit the template?

We can help you with that. If its a canva template, you will have the option with each template to choose 'help with editing' and we can then edit the design for you with what you would like. If it is help with a WordPress website, we have 2 seperate service options for this. installation and editing or both.

what can i use in canva to edit my design?

Thers tons of great FREE stuff in canva you can use to edit your design. You will be able to create great designs just using FREE canva. It is entirely up to you if you decide to upgrade to a Pro account and whether you feel you could be even more creative by having a pro account, but you can still produce fantastic design work with FREE Canva.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we are not able to offer refunds. Please make sure you carefully read through the description of the template first before you purchase one. If you have any questions regarding a template, please get in touch before purchasing and we will be happy to help.