Terms of Use Licence Agreement

Please read our licence terms regarding the use of our template designs.

All our templates, whether Canva or WordPress can be purchased and used for personal use only.

When you purchase a Canva template, you will receive a PDF document which will include a link to take you directly to canva.

Once you are taken to canva you will need to set up a FREE account.  Then you will be able to edit your template design in canva.

Once you have edited the template design, you can save it in your own account, you can download it to your desktop
and then use it for your own personal projects or business.

The 'terms of use' licence are stipulated by canva.

When using canva we must abide by their licencing rules when designing templates to sell.
Therefore all our templates will link back to canva and when you download them from there must be for your own personal use only.

We produce template designs that are all customizable by having a link that directly links back to canva, so the purchaser of any of our templates can change the details, any colours, fonts and anything else they want to make the design their own.

The licence agreement means that once you have customized one of our templates, you can download
it and then use it for your own personal use.
Please do not purchase one of our templates to use for client work, as this is not permitted by us or canva.

If you purchase a website template, the template must be for your own business, you are not permitted to purchase one of our templates for a client and then re-sell this as your own design.

Nor can you purchase any of our other templates and re-distribute or re-sell them to clients.

All our templates are strictly for personal use only.